Who do You Call for Help in Electrical Accident Cases?

You’re an experienced litigation attorney with expertise in property damage, personal injury and wrongful death cases. But you’re not a Forensic Electrical Engineer. So, you’re here today because you need some assistance in a case involving electrical equipment or systems.  In other words, you need an forensic electrical engineer.

Electrical Accidents

Electrical accidents will happen. And when they do, insurance companies are involved and attorneys are frequently retained to ensure that the injured party(ies) are compensated for loss of income and trauma incurred through no fault of their own. This is where you, as an experienced personal injury attorney, can help.

However, the electrical accident may involve equipment or technology with which you or the insurance company are not very familiar.  This is frequently the case when the incident involves electrical equipment and systems involved in arc-flash accidents.

An Electrical Arc Flash Event

Arc Flash MCC BucketThis is what happens when a worker causes a short circuit in a 480V electrical panel.   It is a high pressure high, temperature plasma that can reach temperatures 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Imagine what that would do to a worker not using the proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).

Forensic Engineer

This is where I, as a Forensic Electrical Engineer, can help you. You can take advantage of my extensive experience in electrical accident cases and in cases involving malfunction or failure of electrical equipment.

I provide forensic electrical engineering services and , if required, expert witness services to assist the attorneys and the insurance companies determine the cause of the accident and explain it in simple terms so that the triers of fact in civil cases involving electrical accidents can arrive at their verdict.

Attorneys across the US have retained my services in electrical cases involving equipment failure or malfunction and electrical accidents. You can join them by calling 847-989-5517 now.